Sunday, December 10, 2006

Enlightenment, Ubuntu Latest

Seems I can't get to run Enlightenment on my SuSE 93 desktop. I tried downloading the highly fashionnable DR17 &, yes, compiling it myself without success... Forget me when it comes to self-compiled stuff: Never works with me. So, LATER I found that Enlightenment was available, both in DR16 & 17 flavour, in the "Package Manager" (this tool dedicated toinstal & remove software on linux). Now, I know my package manager has some flaws in the way it addresses & updates the servers holding the softwares, but yet, It looks just as easy as click on "Install Package". Well, I bet that without any knowledge on how to remove the half-installed previous attempt, it cannot work in any way.

More of my mistakes: the lates release of DR16 & 17 are suppose to co-exist peacefully, so I tried installing both. No Way.

I have deleted anything Enlightenment 17-related on the hard disk, installed DR16 only from the package manager, and now Enlightenment do not show up on the login/choose your session type screen. I'll try uninstall-reinstall later on. This tastes like Windows, doesn't it ?

On the Testing Drive, I tried Ubuntu latest, the 6.10 "edgy-something", also with Enlightenment DR16. Worked OK, as usual with this f**cking way of releasing a new version every 6 months I spend some hours configuring the system to my taste, ten tried to truly work - for that, I needed this Package Manager again (called Sybaptic in Debian distributions): Let's have true fun here, this dumb soft tried to access it's sources for the softwares on... 127.001.001, which is my computer intenet address... Sure, I wasn't able to download much...

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