Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yeah, dream about it.

Yeah, dream about it: modem ? not working; as soon as I was in the office in Battambang - the main office of the NGO "Phare Ponleu Sepak" I am working for, I tried to get my mails: The thing connects, and disconnects automatically as soon as I try to use it (firing Opera or clicking "Fetch Mail" for instance); Good.

Enlightenment is definitely nice, but beware of what they call Epplets: if you start one, you'll be in a mess if you do not want it to be starting again at next boot. Destroying it just makes 2 samples to reappear the next time. And so on, and so on... Killing indeed. At some point, I ended up with 16 occurrences of "Toolbox", 10 of "Emixer" and so on.

Now, my SuSE93 box is slowly decaying. The automatic upgrade still works, so I guess overall stability is not threatened, but I cannot fill in repositories for extra software download anymore: the form window is dead, with the empty fields unreachable in a non-stretchable window.

Lately, with the Ubuntu laptop & its brand new 6.06LTS release, I (and many others) experienced troubles with the Security repositories as well, with Synaptics, the software in charge of keeping the system up to date & to install and remove programs unable to download list of files from them.

That's not serious, and I was lucky I did not fall into the wrong X11 update they released some weeks ago: it was faulty, and killed the desktop system of many users, leaving them with a black terminal instead. If, like me, you don't know nothing about "sudo apt-get" & the like, you are dead.

Bad times, great times. Shitty times this time.

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