Friday, June 12, 2009

Webcams: What's wrong with these devices? In the same room, same light, one is doing blueish green (if not the opposite), the other bland white and the last a kind of Tuscan afternoon yellow. And, yes, I am especially found of controlling computers remotely & I should tidy a bit around my desk. Indeed.

Image-on-the-right Ubuntu-powered AspireOne wins, for it's auto-whitebalance cam is the most convincing of the bunch, eventhough it's got nothing to do with reality. At least, you look healthy, as the opposite with the left one, ASUS F9 laptop (a Syntek webcam) which is plain bland, and just about forget the Logitech one (center picture) on my desktop machine - it won't even work with skype anyway!

Funky anyway, I use VNC to connect to those two laptops that sits across the office, fire up the webcams & grab a snapshot.

It works; sometimes.