Sunday, December 10, 2006

Changed My Desktop

I was browsing several tabs @ the same time of looking for a new wallpaper, saving a lot for later review, I eventually found on, section "anime", sub-section "anime babes" this wonderfull drawing which I edited for color channels using the Gimp (Tools/Color Tools/Hue-Saturation). I can't post a link since they change their index all the time, probably on the purpose of forbidding pepole to link ressources to their server too often. Author is Unknown, unfortunately.

You are aware of the Multiple Deskops System on Linux, right ? if not, browse below for my previous entries on the topic.

This one above is more or less the original one, I only enlighted the background a bit.

Full Black & White on Light Background

Black & White the Dark Way

This one is my RGB version: Red, Green, Blue...

Original Body on Black & White back

The Settings aren't finished yet, but I enjoyed quite a change in look on my screen: see below.

Actually, it all came from, where I saw this wallpaper used in a BlackBox theme by jimmyblack. If you run BlackBox or FluxBox, enjoy:

Lots of fun.

OffTopic: If you google around "Manga Wallpaper", you'll end up with lots of porn stuff. For a bit of first-hand experience, I am looking for this since a while ago, and, given the childish nature of mangas drawing, you'll understand some stuff comes borderline... If not totally pedophillic. I am happy to report here that I found really shitty stuff through, reported it both to & the three first watchdogs I found on the internet, and yes, this website was now a deadlink one month later when I resumed my searches on the topic.
I am nothing of a netCop, but I guess anyone around here got its limits.

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