Thursday, February 08, 2007

openSuSE 10.2

I am testing openSuSE 10.2 on a spare partition as of now. Can't determine if it's truly better, it just seems not to share the same bugs with SuSE 93 !

In 10.2 there is serious trouble managing multiple panels - managing them, not using them. It seems that the properties of each panel does not reflects the one you find in "configure desktop" window, and you need to reboot to see the destroyed panels disappear from the said window. Well, when your layout is done, it's not an everyday trouble anymore.

Very nice start menu by the way, clever & fun. Unusual, excellent in KDE, not as good in Gnome.

The main drawback everyone complains about is the software manager, for me it's slow but OK (Using YasT); I've got more inconsistencies with the auto-updater which sometimes throw 32 updates @ me & sometimes Zero. With my connection here in Cambodia, 32 updates overkills the connection anyway.

I may use it for real though, if Enlightenment works: I love this WindowManager, never got it right on SuSE 93.

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