Sunday, February 11, 2007

Enlightenment DR17 on openSuSE10.2

Hi Community

I gave a go on Enlightenment DR17 lately. Got pros & cons, but on the Look side it's a winner.
[more on the pros & cons later, including comparison with DR16 which is still my favorite]

This is running on openSuSE10.2, using the .rpm package available on the GURU repositories, buid date is 01/01/2007. Not flawless, it's PITA to start, especially if youy want your Flashdrives to show up.

No Scanning & Printing tested yet, just fooled around with these screenshots listening to a webradio, watched a DVD in Borderless mode, fiddled whith this & taht, you see. Pottering around.

To get this as my workhorse, I need to sort out this automount of Flashes, find an easy way to log in (what I found on the net on this topic is frightening, the kind of edit of Config Files you'll be damned rather than touch them by any means)

As of now, I log as normal user with KDE, check my flashes, then start another session in Failsafe mode in the terminal of which I can then order "enlightenment_start" & get in. Pff...

The image above are some shots of my usual 9 virtual desktop setup. You'll recognize the Baby from previous deskshots, this time inside a gnome-terminal without Toolbar & borderless.

And, these backgrounds: yes, moving, animated ones. Funny, an not that ressource-inetnsive (these one at least, more heavy ones do not run that smoothly on this ol' 1.6 box).

Easiyer to handle than DR16 actually, more feature-packed (so, more confusing at first), it missed the straightforward, sleek & fast look & feel of DR16. My 10-years old daughter favour it, though, as there is proper menu lauch and these so funny backgrounds.

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