Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bug Bang !

Yo. The small Cultural Center/Community Education place I used to work for has closed its door (as scheduled) so I do have a lot of free time now, and decided to take an aggressive stance on those bugs that bother me since ages and that nobody seems to take care about.

Here is Bug N* 1, submitted to

Bug Description
2008-12-20 03:17 UTC
Getting back what we had before, and what KDE, OS X and M$ users still have today: Allow a simple GUI tool to configure allowing the user of a simple machine to boot all the way to the Desktop without prompting for users, passwords whatever.

Other information:
[Pressure is building up] I read somewhere that re-enabling the feature was "under way" but the basic user of a basic computer that is not your usual over-paranoid *nixer still has to perform quite dangerous tasks to get to the same point; and it conflicts with stuff like WPA automatic reconnection which is a plain shame. Once and for all: It's not because Linux aims at being overly secure that I cannot CHOOSE to lower the machine to "zero-credentials-needed" mode. I see tons of reasons to do so, and not every chip on the planet has multiple users each with carefully encrypted personal files. [Steam released, thanks and sorry - keep up the good work].

VoilĂ . from my experience, I know that the first thing that will probably happen is this "bug" to be quoted as Duplicate and get discarded - it's quite difficult to do an effective search on similar, but phrased differently, bugs. We'll see, I'll keep on: Target is One Bug a Week :

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