Monday, March 19, 2007

Slackware is Back

Did it: Slack 11, Enlightenment DR17, XMMS playing webradio.

Yes, indeed, Success @ last. Had funny fiddling with the sound: under 2.4.33 kernel, only my first soundcard would work... Twisting Grub for safety, I installed separately the 2.6.18 kernel (And their so called Modules...) and I now use the second soundcard... Don't ask me why, the "first" one is a multichannel Hoontech DSP24, rather specialized tool with way too much configs items for alsamixer to handle confortably. The second is just the built-in AC97 thingy from intel, the one that was always there under all other installs.

Noted, on the verge of bugs:
- "clicking" sounds over WebRadio in High Def Mode (64kbps France Inter),
- Sloppy DVD reading (my xorg.conf reports a Vesa driver while I have an openGL ATI card),
- No good picture viewer (from the original KDE 3.5.4 at least)
- Konqueror doesn't remember folder settings.
- Entrance, the E login manager, doesn't offer me DR16 anymore, while I can start it manually.

- - Can't believe I downloaded-Compiled myself these megs of CVS stuffs --


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