Friday, September 01, 2006

Update on what's on today

I have to bring here a new DeskShot: the one at the bottom of the page dates back from the time I used Xandros, but since then stuff happened and my office desk is now SuSE 9.3, with an outdated KDE 3.4.0 that I am very happy with. Globally, more on the tech issues later.

The Laptop is finally used with Ubuntu mostly, altough my wife could be cheating on me and be using WinStuff at the office (We share the same overpricey ultra- tiny laptop for our moving needs. And we do move a lot). More on the tech issues later, that's just a short update.

Since 10/2005 that I work with Linux, I've been trying SuSE, Gentoo, Slackware, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and dropped Xandros while being more or less active on the Ubuntu Forum under the ac. Peacepunk. So far, Ubuntu with Gnome pretty well suits the Laptop for aesthetics. The great presentation / share info tool that you are proud to put on the table in a meeting. Now, my last meeting was trying to sell a circus performance to a serious theatre in Belgium, I slipped in a DVD with one hour of perfomance on it, planning to show to the audience Minute 07, Minute 22, and so on. First, VLC was not able to play the disc and then, using Gxine, the navigation slider went dead, preventing me from accessing the part I wanted to show to this potential buyer...

This would probably count for half the stories about Linux:
...Oh, you run Linux, that's Great...Err, I seem to have a problem here, I'm sorry. Do you have a computer available ?

You look/feel ashame, and you know that this doesn't really help the un-tech people to make a change on a topic that anyway does not interest them at all.

That's all folks.

Now that I have a blog again, I may as well post on it. But where the hell is the View Counter ?

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